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Oh, you look at websites? Yeah, I have been doing that since the Netscape days, while riding a fixed gear bike and growing a mustache before anybody even knew what those things were.

On Reddit, users have been boasting about their hipster cred in a thread called, “What was your hipster moment? What did you know about before most other people did?”

A young man participates in the 'Hipster Winter Cup 2013' in Berlin.Hannibal Hanschke / Hannibal Hanschke/picture-allian

Things worth bragging about: Using Gmail back when you needed an invite, watching “Arrested Development” when it was originally on TV, and joining Facebook when you still needed an .edu address.

You think you have been waiting a long time for George R.R. Martin to finish the “Winds of Winter?” One poor person has been pining for that book since reading “Game of Thrones” when it was first published in 1996.

Then there is the user who was really, really into mason jars before they became standard in every bar from Williamsburg to the Mission:

Mason jars. Ive been canning for years. Run a canning blog. Mod /r/canning. I have 1000 modern canning jars with food in them. I have 120+ antique jars, some predate the 1900's. My home is mason jar themed. I built a mason jar chandelier. All my drinkware is mason jars. And now it's popular, which means expensive.

Somewhere out there, some hipster is sipping a Negroni from a mason jar, unaware that he is totally late to the party.