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Midterm Meme: Twitter spoofs Election Day with 2016 and 2018 comparison

A host of Twitter users are exemplifying their feelings about heading to the polls in a form the social media platform does best: memes.

While voters headed to the polls on Tuesday, Twitter marked the midterms with memes.

As Election Day approached, a host of users on the social media platform exemplified their state of mind in a form the social media platform does best: memes.

The meme, "Me voting in 2016 vs. me voting in 2018," a digital shorthand for how some people are feeling about Tuesday's election, uses a simple format. Two images side by side show an actor, pop culture figure or animal looking chipper, young or fresh in the first image. In the second, the same entity looks gruff, tough or worn.

In one example, journalist Whitney Friedlander tweeted an image of actress Elisabeth Moss as Margaret "Peggy" Olson in the AMC show "Mad Men," strolling down a hallway with a cigarette in her mouth as her 2016 representation. Her 2018 comparison showed Moss as Offred, the subservient handmaid in Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale."

Another compared actress Charlize Theron looking glamorous on a red carpet as a 2016 depiction with her dystopian character from the film "Mad Max" as the 2018 portrayal.

It's unclear who started the meme or when the first one was posted to Twitter, but the format was being used as early as Sunday.

While some put different side-by-sides, others simply posted the same image twice, showing that even though a lot can change in two years, many people were still feeling the same as they did in 2016.