Netflix Wants to Eventually Stream in 200 Countries, Including China

Netflix is taking over the world. By the end of 2016, the company plans to be streaming in around 200 countries. "Progress has been so strong that we now believe we can complete our global expansion over the next two years, while staying profitable, which is earlier than we expected," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells wrote in a letter to investors. Right now, Netflix is available in around 50 countries, including France, Sweden and Brazil. In early 2015, Netflix is expanding to Australia and New Zealand. But like the protagonist in the Netflix original series "Marco Polo," the company is settings its sights on China. "For China, we are still exploring options — all of them modest," they wrote. "We’ll learn a great deal if we can successfully operate a small service in China centered on our original and other globally-licensed content." Even a tiny presence in China, which is home to 1.37 billion people, could significantly add to Netflix's 57 million subscribers worldwide.

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— Keith Wagstaff