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By Alyssa Newcomb

This is why we can't have nice things.

New York City's pioneering 400 free internet kiosks are getting a downgrade following complaints that too many people monopolized their time on them or used them to look at porn.

The kiosks were installed eight months ago and were touted as the phone booth of the future — allowing the public charge their phone, make free calls, get directions or quickly browse the internet.

Maurice Rilay, currently homeless, uses one of the new Wi-Fi kiosks that offer free web surfing, phone calls and a charging station on Aug. 24, 2016 in New York City.Spencer Platt / Getty Images

But they also spawned plenty of unsavory reports of homeless people using the kiosks to watch porn — and publicly pleasure themselves.

LinkNYC, the company that installed the kiosks, put a filter on the tablets earlier this summer that was intended to block lewd content, yet it only solved part of the problem.

People continued to hog the kiosks, even pulling up seats and watching YouTube videos.

"Some users have been monopolizing the Link tablets and using them inappropriately," LinkNYC said in a statement.

"The kiosks were never intended for anyone’s extended, personal use and we want to ensure that Links are accessible and a welcome addition to New York City neighborhoods," the company said.

During their eight months the kiosks were in use, nearly 475,000 New Yorkers signed up for the free internet, which has been used more than 21 million times.

The kiosks will still offer free phone calls, maps and device charging. LinkNYC WiFi will also still be in effect, but only on personal devices.