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Talk about wearable tech. OmniCorp unveiled the RC-2000, a cyborg law enforcement officer, at its keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2027. Paired with announcements by Cyberdyne Systems and Tyrell Corp., it looks like the hottest new tech trend of the future is menacing robots designed to wreak havoc in our dystopian nightmare of a society.

Or maybe it's just a marketing stunt by Sony Pictures in anticipation of the "RoboCop" remake, due in theaters on Feb. 12. Still, the viral video captures the aura of hyperbole and self-righteousness of your average CES keynote remarkably well.

It even comes with a marketing website, complete with cheesy photos of smiling senior citizens posing with killer machines. But don't be too comforted by the fact that the campaign is science fiction.

Plenty of the robots showcased by OmniCorp aren't too far-fetched. The XT-908 drone? The military is getting pretty close to building something just like it. The EM-208 humanoid robot? Meet its predecessor, the S-One, which took first place at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials last month in Florida.

Even the star of the movie, a machine-enhanced super cop, isn't completely out of the question. Just last month, the Department of Defense announced that it was working on an "Iron Man" suit that would give its wearer "full-body ballistics protection and super-human strength."

"RoboCop" isn't reality, but that doesn't mean we won't have similar technology by 2027.