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Robot Romeo Charms Women on OKCupid

Apparently being a human isn't necessary to keep a conversation going on OKCupid.
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Next time that cute guy or girl messages you back on OKCupid, beware: It could be a robot. Schuyler Hunt, 28, had trouble dealing with the volume of messages he received when he moved to New York from Boston four months ago. The problem? In a crowded city with so many options, daters didn't seem too invested in any one conversation. "It just seemed like people were just talking, but there was no real communicating going on," he told NBC News. So he set up a fake profile and used Cleverbot, an artificial intelligence program, to formulate responses to women who messaged it, BuzzFeed reported earlier. The results were conversations like this:

OKCupid Conversation

Some conversations would go on for days, Hunt said, prompting him to show them off in a Tumblr called Girls Who Date Computers. After this experience, he might go back to doing things the old-fashioned way. "As far as dating goes," he said, "I feel like pursuing interests and meeting people with those interests along the way seems like the best bet."

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- Keith Wagstaff