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Spotify's 'Year in Review' Reveals Your Favorite Tunes of 2015

The streaming service released its 'Year in Review' tool on Monday.

Think you're hip? Spotify knows the truth.

The streaming service released its "Year in Review" tool on Monday, and some social media users have been using the occasion to reveal their embarrassing listening habits.

Not only does Spotify let you know just how much you loved Steely Dan, it also lets users compare their favorites with what was popular around the world. (Drake, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd were the most streamed artists of 2015, by the way).

Spotify's "Year in Review" shows users their favorite artists, albums and tracks, as well as how many total minutes they spent streaming music on the service.

"From the Internet falling back in love with Missy Elliott at the Super Bowl, to same-sex marriage being legalized in the US and Ireland, to man buns and selfie sticks exploding on the cultural scene, 2015 was a year to remember," wrote Spotify on its website. "Explore these and many other moments from the past year –- and relive these memories through custom Spotify playlists."

For users comfortable broadcasting their listening habits to the world, yes, there is a share button.