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5 Apps to Jump Start Your Fitness Routine

It's running season -- so here are the best apps to keep you safe and make you faster.
Image: A woman relaxes after workout
A woman relaxing after workoutGuido Mieth / Getty Images

Running season is upon us.

If you need an extra push to hit the pavement, these tried and tested apps will help you hit your goals - and feel good while doing it.

A woman relaxing after workoutGuido Mieth / Getty Images

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Charity Miles

Now you really have no excuse to not go running. If you're looking to give back - or appreciate a good guilt trip to get you motivated, Charity Miles is the way to go.

The app lets you choose from 40 charities, clocks your distance and then pays out of a sponsored pool of money to your charity of choice. The more you move, the more your good cause will earn.

You can also use Charity Miles in tandem with another activity tracker, letting you not only do good - but still keeping up with those other important metrics offered on wearables like the Fitbit or Apple Watch.

Charity Miles Walking and Running Distance Tracker appCharity Miles Walking and Running Distance Tracker / via iTunes


Set your fitness goals and pay into a community pool. Prove you're meeting your targets and win cash, courtesy of other community members who are slacking.

The Pact team says more than 95 percent of their members have hit their goals, meaning this gamble could be close to a sure thing as long as you're willing to bet on yourself.


The Fitbit-owned personal training app can be downloaded to your iOS and Android devices, giving you access to a virtual personal trainer in your pocket. The app includes customized workouts designed to fit your goals and time limits.

Fitstar also has a premium offering that's $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

Fitsar Personal Trainer appFitsar Personal Trainer / via iTunes

Map My Run/Runkeeper

Both apps will map your route as you run, and give you updates along the way on your distance and timing.

The Under Armour-owned Map My Run also include and Runkeeper, which is owned by sportswear company Asics, also include the ability to build a route in advance, giving you added insight into what you can expect and doubling as a safety feature if you'd like to share your route with a friend.

Spotify Running

Sure, you may already use Spotify for all of your music needs, but an added feature, called Spotify Running, will help you keep going as you pound the pavement.

Just go to browse, genres and moods, then select running. Spotify will play songs that match the tempo of your running , meaning you shouldn't expect any downbeat ballads to pop up during your workout unless, you know, you start walking.

A Runkeeper integration also makes it easy to choose to track your run with Runkeeper, without having to separately open the app.