This App Promises to Keep Your Pictures Safe From Hackers

How Safe Are Your iCloud Photos? 1:51

In the wake of a string of celebrity iPhone hacks, one mobile app company is ramping up its efforts to keep all messages safe from hackers. Seecrypt, a mobile encryption technology firm, is rolling out a new feature on its mobile app Wednesday that enables users to secure images in texts and instant messaging with military-grade double layer encryption. The company, which has been testing the technology for several months, is touting the new function as a simple solution to sending any picture or document safe from prying eyes. "If you are sending photos that are meant to be private over a public network you shouldn't be surprised that they are posted somewhere," said Harvey Boulter, the chairman at Seecrypt. To solve this problem Seecrypt created a secure platform that does two things: It authenticates end-points, so somebody can't spoof being you, and it encrypts every message with a new key that is wrapped in a double layer of cryptographic protection, Boulter said.


--- Cadie Thompson, CNBC