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Apple's Siri: 7 of the iPhone Assistant's Most Surprising Answers

With every update Apple issues for iOS, the iPhone's digital assistant Siri gains a few new abilities — sometimes ones they don't tell you about.

Apple's Siri is more than just a digital assistant on the iPhone -- she's got a healthy dose of sass, and a few secrets.

With every update Apple issues for iOS, Siri gains a few new abilities — sometimes ones they don't tell you about. But enough people ask her questions every day that these "Easter eggs" are bound to be discovered. Here are a few of the latest sassy (or surprising) responses from Siri.

0 divided by 0

Asking Siri to solve this mathematical oddity produces not just a real response ("indeterminate") but an illustrative story about cookies with a little barb at the end.

Ask Siri about 9/11

A spate of calls to emergency services revealed that many people had fallen for a prank propagated on social media telling iPhone owners to "ask Siri about 9/11." Perhaps expecting a conspiracy theory or touching memorial, they instead found they were calling 9-1-1.

"Charge my phone 100 percent"

It's not clear who asked this question in the first place -- Siri can't do much to plug your phone into the wall --- but they certainly weren't expecting what happened next: Once again, Siri calls 9-1-1! Some curious iPhoners thought the response might be a pre-programmed way to surreptitiously call for help, but a patch issued Friday suggests it was just a bug.

Caitlyn, not Bruce

Siri keeps up on current events: Asking for information on "Bruce Jenner" will retrieve information on Caitlyn Jenner, and asking for her "real name" will return Caitlyn as well.

Rihanna surprise

We couldn't confirm this, but tech blog Mashable found that for subscribers to Apple Music, asking Siri to "play loud farts" (yes, someone did this) queues up the Rihanna song (featuring Drake) "What's My Name?" Even if Siri doesn't like Rihanna, that's a pretty harsh way to say so. Some people have suggested that the song is just the default single Siri plays when she doesn't understand the command -- but it's still pretty funny.


Siri has a chilly response for you if you call her Cortana — that's Microsoft's rival virtual assistant, originally on Windows Phone but now coming to PCs. Turns out the two might not be close friends.

Siri of course also responds to dozens of other common questions, and some answers change with time or as Apple adds more information to her inventory — but the tone rarely changes. Our favorite: Try asking her "What's the best phone?" Siri deadpans: "Wait... there are other phones?"