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'Baby Selfie' App: We Kid You Not

<p>Given our obsession with selfies and bad habit of oversharing baby pictures, a baby selfie app was probably inevitable. And here it is.</p>
Baby Selfie

Given the obsession of the tech-savvy population with selfies, and our habit of oversharing pictures of our babies, a baby selfie app was probably inevitable. And indeed, one has appeared, called just that.

"Baby Selfie" is exactly what it says — liberally interpreted, of course, since babies can't really operate smartphones. What the Android-only app does is show a cute illustration of an animal on screen, play a sound to get the kid's attention, then snap a picture of the (hopefully) captivated kid. Whether this produces better results than just waiting for your kid to look cute and hitting the shutter button yourself remains to be seen.

It is, at least, simple. This isn't a social network for babies (like oogababy), and it doesn't autotweet the picture or spam your Facebook friends via a fake baby account. Matthew Pegula, the developer, told The Daily Beast that he originally hoped to create something more sophisticated, with smile detection and tracking of what pictures the baby seemed to like.

But this simpler app was easier to make and could be used to gauge demand for that next project. We'll probably be seeing many more apps along these lines — and the fact is they could do worse than Baby Selfie.