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iPhone Users Lament: iOS 8 Takes up Too Much Space!

The latest version of iOS takes up a bit more space than expected on the iPhone, and people are losing it trying to figure out what to delete.

The latest version of iOS is now free to download for anyone with a phone that can run it, but users around the world are less than thrilled. For one thing, the update takes up so much space that they're having to delete half of the things on their phone just to get it on there: around 5 gigabytes is a lot of space for anyone with an 8 GB iPhone 5C or even a 16 GB iPhone 5S; Twitter is abuzz with jokes and laments alike regarding the space iOS 8 demands and what they've sacrificed to clear it. Fortunately, there's a workaround: If you plug in your iPhone to your Mac, you can update it via iTunes and it will only need about a gig to work with.

Users are also complaining that after all that work downloading and installing, iOS 8 isn't much of an upgrade. It's certainly not as big a jump as iOS 7 was, but a few critical features are worth it: third-party keyboards, improved security and better camera controls will make your phone better all around.



—Devin Coldewey