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Make GIFs, '80s VHS Videos and More With These New Camera Apps

There are plenty of apps that let you create GIFs, but few as fun and easy-to-use as Giphy Cam.
VHS Camcorder

Bored of Instagram? Can't stand Vine? Maybe it's time to try something new. We rounded up the coolest camera apps to recently hit the market so you can take your duck-faced selfies to the next level.

Giphy Cam — There are lots of apps that let people create GIFs, but few as fun and easy-to-use as Giphy Cam. Point the camera, add filters and some absurd animations, and then share the resulting GIF to whatever social media network you feel like. (iOS, Free)


VHS Camcorder — Yearn for the days of "America's Funniest Home Videos?" Your prayers have been answered with this app, which gives your footage an '80s camcorder sheen with static, tracking distortion and a fake on-screen date. (iOS, $3.99)


Dreamify — Looking at images run through Google's Deep Dream software is like peering into a computer's psychedelic nightmare. Now that technology is available in a mobile app -- perfect for freaking out everyone in your Instagram feed. (Android, iOS, Free)

Triller — Finally, an app that lets people whip and nae nae to their full potential. Triller gives users the ability to choose part of a song, record themselves singing to it, and then edit the clips together to make a mini-music video. (iOS, Free)

Levi Brooks/YouTube

Lip Swap — This photo app was created for Android Experiments, Google's home for bizarre, innovative programs. It basically lets you "switch parts of your face with other parts of your face," or in other words, replace parts of a photo with recorded video. The result? An effect similar to the "Lip Flip" segments on "The Tonight Show." (Android, Free)

Base — Each filter in this photo app was designed to look as much as possible like real film stock used by different cameras over the years. It even has an "expired" version of each one that "ages" the more you use it. (iOS, Free)