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Mark Cuban's Snapchat Competitor Comes to Android

This ephemeral messaging app comes with a celebrity billionaire's seal of approval.

Love Snapchat, but wish it was backed by a celebrity billionaire? Now you can download Cyber Dust for Android, the ephemeral messaging app from Mark Cuban. The focus is on text messages that disappear after 30 seconds. Users can also send stickers, emoji and photos, which can be drawn on just like in Snapchat. It has plenty of other competition as well, including Wickr, Confide and TigerText. Sadly, Cyber Dust was not presented to Cuban in an episode of “Shark Tank” or passed along as an idea from Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. Instead, the billionaire told Fox News that he came up with the idea after the FCC used his text messages in an insider trading case against him, which he claimed were used out of context. He was eventually cleared of all charges.



--- Keith Wagstaff