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Tinder can be such a hassle. The popular online dating app forces users to sign up in seconds through Facebook, and then swipe right if they find someone attractive and left if they don't. Now there is a service that will save online daters valuable seconds of each day — all for the price of $375 per month.

It's called Tinder Done For You and it's for men who want high-quality matches but just can't spare the time (er, seconds?) it takes to find them.

The name of the new service is pretty self-explanatory. For those who don't know, Tinder is a completely free app that lets users judge each other in microseconds by swiping left or right and then message each other if they match up.

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It became popular as a less labor-intensive alternative to other online dating services like Match and OKCupid. But for some people, that was just not convenient enough.


Tinder Done For You is "manned by a team of experienced online dating experts and virtual wingwomen," aka human beings with thumbs, who will swipe for the client.

This is after a brief phone call, where an expert will "uncover your most attractive qualities." Photos are selected with a "proven, scientific method to determine which ones women find most attractive," which may or may not include downloading pictures of Ryan Gosling from the Internet.

That is not all. Tinder Done For You also messages women, gets phone numbers and can set up dates. So single women, when you are feeling discouraged, remember now there is a dating service out there for "discerning men who want to meet attractive women via Tinder with as little work as possible."