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More Reach for Phone Than Partner in Morning, Poll Says

In the morning, Americans wake up and reach across the bed to hold ... their smartphones.
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In the morning, Americans wake up and reach across the bed to grab ... their smartphones.

In fact, more of them think first about their smartphone (35 percent) than their significant other (10 percent) or coffee (17 percent), according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by Braun Research on behalf of Bank of America, asked 1,000 people about their smartphone habits.

It turns out a good number of millennials can't let go of their phones. Forty-four percent of those surveyed admitted to falling asleep with their smartphones in their hands.

Overall, 3 percent of respondents said they slept regularly with their phones in their hands, compared to 55 percent who left them on the nightstand and 13 percent who kept them on the bed.

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When people are not sleeping, they are glued to their smartphone screens: 36 percent of respondents said they are "constantly checking and using" their phones and an additional 21 percent said they check their phones once an hour.

So, when should kids get their own smartphone? Ages 13 to 15, according to 46 percent of respondents. Nineteen percent said ages 16 to 18, and 14 percent said "not until they can purchase their own."