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Not Every iTunes User Happy About Getting Free U2 Album

After teaming up with Apple, U2 is sending its new album to iTunes users for free. Some people are not too happy about that.

With a finger kiss, Bono and Apple CEO Tim Cook combined their powers Tuesday to release a bevvy of new products: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch, and U2's new album "Songs of Innocence." For those who don't know, U2 is a popular rock 'n' roll band from Ireland. Bono and company have sold more than 150 million records and won 22 Grammy awards. So it stands to reason that people would be overjoyed to turn on their computers and find the band's new album sitting in their iTunes library for free. It turns out, however, that not everybody loves U2, and many turned to social media to complain. But fear not; the album is not actually taking up hard drive space, it's simply living in iCloud. Users can choose to download the songs or they can hit delete, which will hide them in your iCloud account, where they will live with or without you.



— Keith Wagstaff