Overwhelmed by Gmail? Google Introduces 'Inbox' App to Manage It

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Get ready for something different, Gmail users. Google has unveiled Inbox. Uh, wait, doesn't Gmail already have an inbox? Yes, but this is an entirely separate app built by Google, which lets Gmail users search through and organize mountains of email. The app (available for Android and iOS users) is a lot more colorful than the current version of Gmail, filled with color-coded categories, photos and reminders.

Google has put an emphasis on "bundles" — categories that automatically group things like purchases and travel information for easy access. It has also added a dose of Google Now, the company's Siri rival, which helps create reminders that provide links and phone numbers to places that you are supposed to visit. Right now, Inbox is invitation only, so people who want to try it out will have to get an invite from the limited amount of people who already have it.



— Keith Wagstaff