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'Recently' Lets You Subscribe to a Magazine of Your Own iPhone Photos

The maker of a new iPhone app hopes users will pay $8.99 a month for a monthly magazine made with images from their own camera roll.

Some people take beautiful photos on their iPhones. The problem? Smartphones screens, even big ones, can't always do a great picture justice.

Recently is a new iPhone app that, for $8.99 a month, will create a monthly photo magazine for you made with images from your own cellphone camera roll.


Each issue features 100 photographs printed on 8-inch by 11-inch sheets of Mohawk paper. The app will even pick out — or "curate" — the photos for you, waiting for approval before uploading them. More discerning users can carefully select which pictures they want to see printed.

The whole idea is that people can get a personalized magazine in their mail at the beginning of every month in a nearly automated process.

Of course, there are plenty of other companies out there willing to print photo books, including Social Print Studio, Apple, Adorama and more. But not many can match the $8.99 price tag, provided you have 100 photos you think are worth of printing every single month.