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Samsung Hints at New Galaxy S5 in Teaser Trailer

<p>Get excited: Samsung is almost certainly revealing the Galaxy S5 next week.</p>
Samsung Teaser Video

It looks like Samsung will unveil the successor to its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Yes, like an action movie blockbuster, the next Galaxy phone officially has its own teaser trailer, titled “Samsung Unpacked.”

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn't been officially announced, but the video, the name of Samsung's MWC event ("Unpacked 5") and the unnamed source who talked to the New York Times all point to the phone's debut next week.

So, what can we expect from the Korean company’s next flagship phone? The trailer hints that the phone could be waterproof and possibly feature a more rugged build to survive the outdoors.

Overall, however, the video is kind of vague, and doesn't address the rumor that the phone will have a fingerprint scanner either built into the phone or integrated into the screen — something that would help it compete with its main competition, the iPhone 5s.

Chances are that the Galaxy S5 will get a slightly lower-key debut than its predecessor. The Galaxy S4 was unveiled last year at Radio City Music Hall during a presentation that CNET called “tone-deaf and shockingly sexist” for its portrayal of female stereotypes. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, despite its enviable location, is still a trade show — a setting that doesn't exactly invite controversy.