T-Mobile Agrees With FCC to Provide More Info on Data Throttling

Why Does My Wireless Carrier Slow My Internet Speed? 0:43

The FCC has pressured T-Mobile to become more transparent about throttled data speeds. Unlike some carriers, T-Mobile does not charge users for going over their high-speed data limit. The company does, however, reduce wireless Internet speeds in a practice called "data throttling." The problem, according to the FCC, was that T-Mobile was allowing only certain speed-test applications that were confusing to customers because they gave "information about T-Mobile’s full network speed, and not the actual reduced speed available to these customers at that time." On Monday, the FCC announced that T-Mobile will now send a text message to customers when they have passed their data limit with a link to a speed test that will accurately tell them how much their connection has slowed. T-Mobile also agreed to provide a "button" on their phones that will link to accurate speed tests and give a clearer explanation of its data policies on its website. “Consumers need this information to fully understand what they are getting with their broadband service," FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said in a statement. The changes will roll out in the next 60 days.



— Keith Wagstaff