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By Devin Coldewey

The Web was ablaze last week after T-Mobile CEO John Legere loudly defended the company's controversial "Binge On" service against allegations that it amounted to throttling consumers' bandwidth. The always-outspoken Legere has now apologized to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, whose report set events off.

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"Binge On," introduced by the nation's third-largest carrier in November, prevents streaming video from counting toward users' data caps — but also reduces the quality of that video. An EFF report found that T-Mobile was in fact indiscriminate in throttling video, whether it was a "partner" site or not — possibly a violation of net neutrality.

In response, Legere raged at the EFF in a widely shared rant (NSFW language). He now regrets at least his tone, though he still insists "Binge On" is a user benefit, not a vice.

"I am a vocal, animated and sometimes foul mouthed CEO," Legere wrote Monday in a company blog post. "That means I will sometimes incite a bit of a 'social media riot', but I’m not going to apologize for that. I will however apologize for offending EFF and its supporters... we look forward to sitting down and talking with the EFF and that is a step we will definitely take."