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Twitter Toying with 'Fave People' Feature

Now available for some people: The ability to 'favorite' the Twitter users they like most.

Do you have people on Twitter that you just love to follow?

You know, like NBC News Tech or myself? (Self-promotion alert!) Well, Twitter is thinking about making things easier for you with its new “Fave People” feature, which it’s currently testing with some Android users, according to TechCrunch.

Old-timers might remember MySpace’s “top eight,” where users could elevate eight lucky friends into their inner circle, which, for some reason, seemed important at the time. Twitter’s new feature is a little more useful than that. It lets you designate “favorites” by tapping the star icon on their profile.

The ability to favorite people was unveiled to some Android users in December, but besides the option of getting push notifications whenever a favorite user tweeted, it didn’t appear to have much of a purpose.

Now, some Android users can “keep track of [their] favorites” by scrolling down their “Fave People” timeline, according to screenshots of the new feature.

To be clear, there is no guarantee that this is rolling out to all Twitter users. The company constantly unveils new features that never make it past the testing phase.

The biggest knock against “Fave People?” Twitter users can already create lists, generating timelines filled with tweets from their favorite celebrity chefs, basketball stars, tech journalists or whomever.

In theory, they could just create a “Fave People” list that fulfills the same basic function that the new feature does, minus the ability to add favorites via the star icon.

Is it enough of a change to warrant updating the Twitter app for all users? That depends on whether enough Android alpha users take advantage of it.