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Want to Pay With Google Glass? Just Nod

<p>A new Google Glass app lets users pay for things with a simple head gesture.</p>

Forget pulling out your wallet or even flashing your smartphone. In the future, people will pay for things by simply nodding their heads — while wearing Google Glass, of course.

Thanks to an app called Eaze, Glasshol … err, Google Glass Explorers, are now able to make purchases by nodding twice, as long as the merchants have the corresponding iOS or Android app.

Right now, it only works with bitcoin, which might be problematic due to the limited number of businesses that accept the virtual currency and its plummeting value, thanks to the recent shut-down of the Mt. Gox exchange. Eventually, however, Eaze hopes to expand its “Nod to Pay” system to include “traditional currency systems like the euro and the dollar.”

Users will be prevented from accidentally nodding their way to bankruptcy by a feature that asks for a pin code for purchases above a set spending limit.

Raimo van der Klein, the company's co-founder, claimed that this will all seem normal in the future.

"Technology now enables us to create completely new ways to pay," he said in a statement. "We don’t need debit or credit cards to authenticate. Wearables like bracelets, rings and Google Glass can identify us."