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Anonymous Calls for Understanding, and Hacks, After Brussels Attack

While the group is best known for hacking its targets, this time Anonymous is also calling for compassion.

Activist hacker group Anonymous is calling for people to stand up against discrimination as part of its fight against Islamic State in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks.

In a video posted to YouTube following Tuesday's bombings, an Anonymous member donned a Guy Fawkes mask to condemn the deadly attacks which were launched by a network tied to the terrorist group known as Islamic State.

Thirty one people were left dead in Brussels on after terror attacks targeting the city's main airport and metro on Tuesday.

While the group is best known for hacking its targets, this time Anonymous is also calling for compassion.

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"You don't have to hack them. If you stand up against discrimination in your country, you harm them much more than by hacking their websites," the video said.

"The Islamic State cannot recruit Muslims in Europe if they are accepted and included in the society," the speaker for Anonymous says in the video. "So we want all of you to stand together against discrimination."

It comes amid criticism over the black of integration in Belgium and the isolation of its Muslim communities, like those located in Brussels' Molenbeek — a neighborhood that has gained a reputation for its link to Islamic extremism after ties were found with the Paris attackers.

Anonymous originally declared "war" on Islamic State following the tragic events in Paris which saw 130 people killed in coordinated attacks throughout the city last November, and later that month claimed to have taken down 20,000 IS-linked Twitter accounts.

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"We will not rest as long as terrorists continue their actions around the world. We will strike back against them. We will keep hacking their websites, shutting down their Twitter accounts and stealing their bitcoins. We defend the rights of freedom and tolerance," the video stated.