Snapchat Says It’s Not Storing Your Private Pictures

Snapchat CEO aims to ‘change how people communicate’ 3:16

Snapchat is denying reports that changes to its policies allow the company to store users' photos and incorporate them in ads.

"The important point is that Snapchat is not — and never has been — stockpiling your private Snaps or Chats," the company said Sunday on its website. "And because we continue to delete them from our servers as soon as they’re read, we could not — and do not — share them with advertisers or business partners."

Last week, Snapchat made some changes to its terms of service agreement and privacy policy that led some media outlets to report that the company might be able to store user photos on its servers and share them with third parties.

Snapchat refuted those claims, saying the changes were an effort to make the terms of service "read the way people actually talk."

Snapchat said the updated agreement gives it "broad license to use the content you create" because it wants to incorporate that content in features such as Live Stories, which are curated streams of photos and messages from an event or location.

Snapchat also included new language allowing in-app purchases, a move that allows users to buy replays of messages.