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Stolen Netflix Log-in Credentials Fetch Bargain Prices on Black Market

If you can't stand the idea of paying full price for Netflix, there's a black market just waiting to sell you credentials for rock-bottom prices.

People who don't want to pay full price for Netflix can procure stolen log-in credentials on the black market for rock-bottom prices, Symantec reports.

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The online security company said it found advertisements and software aimed at cheapskate streamers, though it didn't mention the names of the shady sites and forums.

The ads, which show Netflix logins for sale for as little as a quarter each, proudly display guarantees of "freshly cracked" accounts. They also ask their "customers" not to spoil the fun by changing passwords or messing with payments, either of which would alert the paying user to the fact that their account has been breached.

It is, of course, illegal — these are stolen accounts, gathered through nefarious means like malware and phishing. But since Netflix takes a laissez-faire approach to sharing accounts, paying users could easily be watching shows at the same time as someone who bought the login for a quarter on the Dark Web.

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Could your account be on one of these lists? It's hard to say, but one way to check is to look at your recently watched shows. If you see a lot you don't recognize and don't seem like your style (or that of anyone you share with), you might want to change your password.