Hate Your ‘Look Back’ on Facebook? Now You Can Change It

Everybody is sharing those "Look Back" videos on Facebook. The virtual trip down memory lane, complete with dramatic background music, can be a touching way to reminisce about your most "liked" photos and status updates.

Unless, of course, those photos are totally embarrassing. If your Look Back included a beer bong, a joke about Gangnam Style, and a photo of you sloppily making out with your college ex, chances are that you didn't share it with the rest of your Facebook friends.

Good news: You can now edit your Facebook Look Back video. Simply hit the "Edit" button on the top right corner of the Look Back page and then un-check the photos and updates you don't want in your sentimental montage, and check the ones that you want added.

Users are still limited by a set number of choices in each category — including "Your First Moments," "Your Most Liked Posts," and "Uploaded Photos" — but at least they can uncheck anything truly offensive. Considering Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday on Tuesday, chances are a lot of people have old photos they don't want surfacing on people's News Feeds.