Haven’t Shared on Facebook Lately? Survey Says You’re Not Alone

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It's getting harder to accuse Facebook users of oversharing. A recent survey of tens of thousands of people found that only 34 percent had updated their status recently — a big drop from 50 percent last year.

And while it might seem like everyone is sharing baby photos, it turns out that only 37 percent of Facebook users posted a picture in the third fiscal quarter of 2015, according to the survey from market research firm GlobalWebIndex.

That is a significant drop from the 59 percent who did so in the same time period in 2014. The survey was first reported on by the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook disputed the results of the report in a statement to NBC News.

"People continue to share a ton on Facebook and the overall level of sharing has remained not only strong, but similar to levels in prior years," a company spokesperson told NBC News in an email. "The most important thing to us is for people to have a positive experience on Facebook."

The company is still in "very healthy shape," said Jason Mander, head of trends at GlobalWebIndex.

"I’d be cautious about saying that engagement has slowed," Mander told NBC News. "Rather, it’s that people are using Facebook in slightly different ways."

A lot of people — 968 million per day, according to the company — are still visiting Facebook, and those who do interact with it aren't doing it less. The difference is that less people overall are posting about their lives.

"You could argue that usage is becoming a little more passive," he said. "People are still visiting, but they’re increasingly likely to look what’s going on rather than sharing their own content."