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The Internet Is Flipping out Over Twitter's Redesign

Twitter unveiled a bubbly new look this week — but not everyone is into it.
Image: Twitter Redesign
Twitter has redesigned it's website for the first time in years, with one of the biggest visual changes being the circular profile pictures.NBC News

Twitter gave itself a makeover — but not everyone was sure what to make of the social network's bubbly new look.

The most noticeable change: Getting rid of the square profile photo format in favor of a circle. That change spawned some hilarious memes.

Other changes include new typography and what Twitter says are "more intuitive icons." The rationale there is to make Twitter easier to navigate for new users, something the platform has struggled with in the past.

However, some suggested Twitter should have instead put its focus on tackling abuse.

Then there were those who dared to say they actually kind of liked Twitter's new look.

Just goes to show: You can't please everyone on the internet.