Meet the 67 Emoji Candidates for 2016: Shrug, Selfie, ‘Call Me’

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Meet the dozens of 2016 candidates ... for the slate of upcoming new emoji.

A total of 67 new emoji -- the colorful symbols like smiley faces and other graphics -- are being considered for rollout next year. That's according to a new document that Unicode, the group that oversees emoji, published on Monday.

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In the faces category, options range from a sneezing character to a clown face in full makeup. Under "people," candidates include an arm taking a selfie, a woman face-palming, a man dancing and a pregnant gal. Food emoji suggestions include a "shallow pan of food" that could be a paella or casserole, or a "stuffed flatbread" that might represent a falafel wrap or gyro.

Other miscellaneous emoji candidates include a "call me" hand signal, slices of bacon, a dying flower, "Mother Christmas" and a shark.

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Unicode's technical committee -- which rolled out racially diverse emoji earlier this year -- will decide during a May 2016 meeting which of the colorful new emoji options make the cut for a June 2016 rollout.