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MySpace Attracts 51m Users a Month, Thanks to 'Throwback Thursday'

Don't call it a comeback -- call it a throwback.
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Don't call it a comeback -- call it a throwback. MySpace, the social-networking site so beloved in the early-aughts, now reaches 50.6 million unique users each month. That's largely due to former MySpacers logging into their accounts to retrieve old-school photos to post on Facebook and Instagram for "Throwback Thursdays," the Wall Street Journal reported.

Each Thursday, hordes of users of MySpace's modern social-media counterparts post retro photos using the hashtag #TBT. "MySpace was an early photo-sharing platform," Tim Vanderhook, the CEO of Viant, which owns MySpace's parent company, explained to the Journal. "So we still see a lot of people coming back to access old photos. They may not visit every day, but they come back once a week or once a month." If you never deleted your MySpace account and can remember your old password, you too can dig up photos of you rocking bad hair, big braces and whitewashed denim. Just try to avoid looking at all of those *~sOnG lYrIcS~* and angsty blog posts.

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-- Julianne Pepitone