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New Look for Twitter? Redesign Puts Pics Front and Off-Center

<p>A major redesign of Twitter has hit a few profiles, but whether it's the network's future or just an experiment is anyone's guess.</p>

A major redesign of your Twitter profile may be underway, though the new look has only hit a few profiles so far. With a thin picture up top and content stacked under a bar of stats, it's a bit like a cross between Facebook's Timelines and the Google+ stream.

Twitter user @FSEDMOurWay got the layout right away, and posted a screenshot:

Although Twitter declined to comment on the new design, the company does push out frequent updates to its apps and Web interface — though usually even minor changes are announced on the company's blog. The most recent update, only a few days ago, was even telegraphed a month ahead of time.

That said, it's not exactly unexpected. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo emphasized in a recent earnings call that they were planning on rolling out new "media-forward" interfaces:

"By bringing the content of Twitter forward and pushing the scaffolding of the language of Twitter to the background," he explained, "we can increase high-quality interactions and make it more likely that new or casual users will find this service as indispensable as our existing core users do."

The content is certainly forward — and down and to the right a bit. The staggered layout could be compared to Google+'s, and more than one Twitter user has already jokingly pointed out the similarities to Facebook's Timeline profile pages.

Whether the design is here to stay or just one of Twitter's little experiments, only time will tell. We'll update this story if we get more info on the new look.