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Pig Caught Sniffing Skydiving GoPro Camera

<p>Like the brave monkeys, seagulls and crabs before it, one pig dares to investigate a GoPro camera.</p>
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Another day, another GoPro camera getting the third-degree from an animal, this time from a pig inspecting one that apparently fell from an airplane into its pen.

The video is so perfect — the enthusiastic skydiver, the spinning camera, the curious pig — that it almost seems like a marketing stunt, especially since GoPro filed for an IPO last week.

Mia Munselle claimed responsibility to CNET for finding the GoPro camera, which start at $199, in a pig pen on her property in Cloverdale, Calif., after it had been sitting there for eight months. GoPro denied funding or making it. NBC News has not independently verified the authenticity of this video.

Munselle uploaded the video to YouTube on Sunday, and by Wednesday afternoon it racked up more than 1.8 million views. How does an inquisitive pig compare to some of the other animal actors that have starred in their very own viral videos?

Baby monkeyViews: More than 6,000

Not-so-cowardly lionsViews: More than 100,000

A curious crabViews: More than 700,000

Hungry bearViews: Nearly 1.5 million

The seagull Views: More than 2.6 million

OctopusViews: Nearly 6 million