Selfie’ the TV Show Has Arrived

Hollywood is hoping millennials can stop Snapchatting and Yik Yakking for long enough to watch a traditional TV sitcom about a woman with an Instagram addiction. Naturally enough, it's called "Selfie," and the first episode is now online. Karen Gillan, of "Doctor Who" fame, ditches her natural Scottish accent for a Valley Girl one, which she uses to say things like "Insta-famous" and "I got played like Flappy Bird." Her character's name is Eliza Dooley, based on Eliza Doolittle from "Pygmalion" and "My Fair Lady." Also starring is John Cho, the non-Kumar half of the "Harold & Kumar" movies, who has the unenviable task of transforming her from a narcissistic millennial into a normal, functional member of society. Will twenty-somethings stop "Liking" things long enough to tweet a link to an Instagram photo of them watching the show? We will find out when "Selfie" officially premieres on Sept. 30.

Christ the Redeemer Selfie: Our Picture of the Day 0:21



- Keith Wagstaff