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Twitter Watchdog Keeps Tabs on Wikipedia Edits from Congress

People in Congress are tweaking Wikipedia pages. A new Twitter account is making it all public.

Wikipedia is the crowd-sourced encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone — including members of Congress and their staffs. A new Twitter account, @congressedits, keeps tabs on what entries people are editing from IP addresses located inside of Congressional offices. A few of the tweaked topics: John F. Kennedy, Crimea, the Council on Foreign Relations and Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp. Not all of the topics are that serious. Someone apparently had nothing better to do than edit entries on Choco Tacos and the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The Twitter account is a bot created by software developer Ed Summers, who tweeted that he was inspired by its British counterpart, @parliamentedits.

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--- Keith Wagstaff