Which NFL Teams Do Americans 'Like?' Facebook Map Has the Answer

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Get ready for months of status updates like "Geaux Saints," "Beast Mode!" and "Did the Jets play today?" NFL fans are on Facebook and they are supporting their teams by "Liking" their official pages. Facebook has compiled that data and visualized it with this handy map:


The map is color-coded according to which team gained the majority of likes in every county. It turns out the Broncos and Cowboys pretty much own the middle of the country. The Oakland Raiders have a decent smattering of fans — in Los Angeles. The New Orleans Saints are pretty popular in the South, with the team's appeal stretching across Mississippi and Alabama. There was only one team in the entire NFL that did not win a plurality of fans in any U.S. county. Sorry Jets fans; like people who root for the New York Mets, you have been overshadowed by another team, in this case the New York Giants.

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-- Keith Wagstaff