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Why Did 19K People Watch a British Puddle on Periscope?

A puddle has captivated more than 19,000 people on the live-streaming app Periscope.

The Internet is weird.

A puddle captivated more than 19,000 people on the live-streaming app Periscope on Wednesday morning.

Labeled with the hashtag #DrummondPuddleWatch, the feed showed a variety of Brits trying to navigate around around a large puddle in the city of Newcastle, located in northeast England.

Before it was taken offline at 12:14 a.m. ET, there were 19,392 people watching on Periscope, the Twitter-owned app that allows people to broadcast live video from their phones.

The puddle, a drab pool of water punctuated by a yellow caution sign, became quite the celebrity, with numerous people stopping to take pictures near it and even take a dip with a prop or two.

As one might expect, major brands started getting in on the fun.

Who is responsible for documenting this struggle against the forces of nature? According to The Telegraph, it's Richard Rippon, the social media manager for the Drummond Central marketing agency.