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Year in Review: Facebook Lets You Look Back at 2015

Facebook is letting users weed out the bad memories with its "Year in Review" feature.

Facebook is once again letting users share their most memorable moments of 2015 with its "Year in Review" feature. This time, however, it's trying to weed out the bad memories.

Last year, web design consultant Eric Meyer wrote a blog post describing how Facebook put his deceased daughter's photo at the center of his "Year in Review." The post went viral, and this year Facebook is trying to avoid a similar situation by installing a set of filters.

That means you won't see photos tagged with exes, people with memorialized accounts, or those you have blocked. Of course, that leaves plenty of room for photos users don't want to see.

To solve that problem, Facebook lets users edit their "Year in Review" before it's published. While Facebook chooses 10 photos automatically, users can veto them and choose others from a large bank of pictures. Once published, users can always go back to the "Year in Review" page and change the selection of photos again.

Facebook isn't the only service giving users a look back at 2015. Spotify released its own "Year in Review" earlier this month, while Google provided a glimpse of what people were searching for over the last year.