Zuckerberg Takes and Town Hall Q&A to Colombia

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conducted his now-monthly public Q&A session on Wednesday, this time in Bogota, Colombia, where the company also just rolled out its free set of public online services. In the town hall, the first outside the U.S., he answered a variety of personal and Facebook-related questions — for example, why Facebook operates in countries where the government censors online speech or otherwise restricts its populace.

"I can't think of many examples in history where a company not operating in a country in protest of a law like that has changed the law," he answered. "However there are a lot of examples I can think of where a technology operating in a place, whether it's telephones or the internet, offers a lot of opportunity to the people in that place."

Zuckerberg had in fact just met with Colombia's President, Juan Manuel Santos, discussing how to bring cellular and Internet access to the billions who still don't have it. Facebook launched in the country Wednesday. That's a set of free services ranging from Wikipedia to local job listings to (of course) Facebook that can be accessed by anyone with cellular connectivity.

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—Devin Coldewey