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This '20s-style phone dock is steampunk gone horribly wrong

Pyle Audio phone thing
Pyle Audio's retro iPhone dock.Pyle Audio

Trying to think of a gift for that loved one who enjoys both both digital and analog technology? There are lots of fun things to get them, from wood MacBook keys to iPad typewriters. Just make sure you don't get them this horrendous dock for a mobile phone.

It's easy to understand what the appeal of this may be: Many people are tired of the slick, modern, metal-and-glass devices we use every day, and want a link to the old days of wood, brass and curly cords. It's just that this device takes us back to those analog days in a rather... well, ugly way. Plus, it costs $110.

From the plasticky keys to the incongruous black phone cable, it just fails to accomplish the true retro look and feel. They couldn't put the phone port in the drawer, even? It's basically just a cheap retro phone with an extra piece screwed onto it.

Now, it's not about making fun of Pyle — the company has got a ton of other gear and this is just one offering. But think twice before picking up some ironic, steampunk-looking gear like this. You're better off looking on Etsy for handmade stuff or maybe just going with something a little more traditional.

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