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Amazon may be working on an Android Kindle


Amazon's Kindle e-book reader may be popular and affordable, but some are speculating that the release of Apple's iPad 2 may hurt its sales. So what will allow the next generation of the e-book reader to remain a strong competitor in the market?

One word: Android.

The New York Times Nick Bilton reports that Amazon has recently posted several job ads seeking developers with Android programming experience. Based on those job ads, he speculates that it is likely that Amazon may be working on integrating the operating system in the Kindle:

Now this could simply mean that Amazon is hiring engineers to work on new software for other Android devices. But it could also pave the way for a Kindle that runs Android, which would in turn be a color device. The current Kindle runs the Linux operating system. It’s still up for debate whether an Android Kindle would be good for Amazon, or better for Google. With tablets becoming a competition over the number of apps available for the platform, Amazon would have a lot of catching up to do if the company decided to introduce an entirely new tablet operating system.

We'll see what comes of this speculation, but we suspect that quite a few folks would be happy if it turned out to be true and we wound up with Kindles which would run the Android version of Angry Birds.

Of course our Angry Birds filled daydreams only work under the assumption that we'd get to access the Android Market on this theoretical Kindle. Amazon could decide to use its own Appstore in lieu of Android's.

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