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Amazon sold over a million Kindles per week in Dec.


Amazon's Kindle devices are pretty darn popular and ranked highly on many Christmas wish lists this year, so we're not particularly surprised by the online retailers holiday sales statistics. Of course it sold millions of the devices.

While Amazon doesn't flat-out state precisely how many Kindle devices it sold this holiday season, it does explain that its customers "purchased well over 1 million Kindle devices per week" throughout December. Some elementary school level multiplication suggests that this means the online retailer sold well over four million Kindle devices in the last month alone.

We wonder how many of those four million Kindle devices are Kindle Fire units. After all, that particular gadget has been at the top of Amazon's bestseller lists since its release in mid November. To meet industry projections, the Kindle Fire alone has to hit 3.9 million in sales by year end. In other words, nearly a million per week of the tablet alone is almost expected during its debut month.

That thought aside, it's also worth noting that the gifting — gifting, not regular purchasing — of Kindle ebooks was up 175 percent between Black Friday and Christmas Year (compared to the same time period last year). This means that ebooks are either becoming significantly more popular or that folks are simply putting of gift shopping until an electronically delivered item such as a Kindle ebook is their only remaining option.

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