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'Angry Birds' get racing stripes in new game

If you're a lover of any and all things "Angry Birds" then you'll probably want to race right on over to this website to play the new "Angry Birds Heikki" game. But if you're only a passing fan of the bird-flinging phenomenon, then you'll probably want to steer yourself elsewhere.

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds games, recently announce that they were partnering with Finnish Formula 1 star Heikki Kovalainen to create "Angry Birds Heikki," which Rovio described as "an innovative and novel merchandise and webgame partnership."

But "Angry Birds Heikki" launched Monday, and it seems there isn't all that much innovative or novel about this browser game. Basically, it's your typical "Angry Birds" game set against a racetrack backdrop with some car tires and a checkered flag tossed in.

Sure, if you head over to Kovalainen's Facebook fan page and give it a "like" you'll get a power-up code. But as of right now, there is only one level to play. New levels will be doled out on F1 race days. 

I can't blame Rovio for trying to wring every possible dollar and angle out of the "Angry Birds" juggernaut. But I prefer it when their partnerships and marketing schemes actually result in something enjoyable and worthy of their fans — like say the "Angry Birds Rio" game spun off of the 20th Century Fox film "Rio." 

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