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'Angry Turds' a messy takeoff of 'Angry Birds'

 I know when I play "Angry Birds," I get so frustrated I wish I could fling something other than our feathered friends at the walls protecting the pigs that have taken the birds' eggs. Would poop do the trick? It does in the new "Angry Birds" takeoff, "Angry Turds," (cleaned up and called "Angry T*rds in Apple's somewhat conservative App Store).

In this game, the "evil explorers have stolen all the monkey babies and it's up to you to save them!" says game developer Apps Genius Corp. in the App Store description of "Turds."

"There is only one way to stop them, throw some t**ds! With your arsenal of t**ds, coconuts, poop bombs and bananas you must defeat the explorers. Featuring physics based destruction, you must destroy the area and save the babies. Angry T**ds requires much skill and brute force to defeat the explorers."

Besides, as Apps Genius notes in a company press release, "Not only is flinging poop fun, but one might even say it’s therapeutic in relieving stress."

And, as we all know, "There is a 12-year-old that lives in all of us," the company says, "and we at Apps Genius have embraced it with Angry Turds, a novel spin of man vs. monkey ... Put a bunch of programmers in a room together and what do you get? Bathroom humor! And our team at Apps Genius is no different. Fortunately, we even had a 12-year-old help us with the design of the game."

Angry Turds is available in both free and paid (99 cents) versions. The free version has 10 levels; the paid version, 30 levels of "poop flinging fun," the developer says.

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