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Apple iOS 4.3 now available — here's what's new

The wait is finally over! Apple's iOS 4.3 software update is now available for download. It brings a hotspot feature to iPhone 4 users, promises a faster Web browsing experience, and will make it easier to share your media over Wi-Fi. Here's a run-down of the features:

  • Safari performance boosts: The mobile version of Apple's Safari browser should be faster than ever thanks to a new Nitro JavaScript engine — one similar what powers the desktop version of the app.
  • iTunes Home Sharing: You can now stream your entire iTunes library to any iOS device via a shared Wi-Fi network.
  • AirPlay enhancements: AirPlay — the wireless technology that lets you stream content from your iOS device to your TV — has gotten some improvements. You'll now be able to stream content from any compatible iOS app to your television — assuming you bought an Apple TV of course.
  • iPad side switch customization: Instead of being forced to use the iPad's physical side switch as a mute button, you are now able to customize it to either lock the screen rotation or mute the volume.
  • Personal Hotspot feature for iPhone 4: iPhone 4 users will now be able to turn their devices into hotspots and share their cellular data connections with up to five devices at once over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB — with up to three of those connections using Wi-Fi. Of course, they will have to pay their cellular service provider an additional monthly fee to use this feature.

You can get the update by plugging your iOS device into your computer and hitting the "check for updates" button in iTunes.

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