Apple Says Reports of iPad Nickel Allergies ‘Extremely Rare’

Apple says its products are safe, and that cases like the one of an 11-year-old iPad user who developed a severe skin rash are "extremely rare." News reports on Monday cited dermatologists as saying the unidentified boy's skin condition may have been brought on by his exposure to nickel, a common allergy-inducing metal, in an early-model iPad that he used every day.

In a statement issued to NBC News later Monday by an Apple spokesman, the company said: “We have found that allergies like the one reported in this case are extremely rare. Apple products are made from the highest quality materials and meet the same strict standards set for jewelry by both the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission and their counterparts in Europe. We rigorously test our products to make sure they are safe for all our customers.” Apple declined further comment.

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Study links body rash to metal in iPad 0:24



— James Eng, NBC News