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Apple Touts 'Better' Environmental Record with New Video

Apple is a lot greener these days and it wants everybody to know it.
Apple Green

Just in time for Earth Day, Apple has announced that it’s going green.

In a video titled "Better" released on Monday, Apple CEO Time Cook stressed that the company was committed to using “greener materials,” “less packaging,” and was doing “everything we can to keep our products out of landfills.” Earth Day takes place on Tuesday, April 22.

He also mentioned Apple’s solar-and-wind-powered data centers and a new manufacturing facility that “runs on 100 percent clean energy.”

There is a reason Apple is eager to boost its green bona fides. Two years ago, the company earned a mix D and F grades on its environmental scorecard from Greenpeace. Last month, it nearly earned straight A grades as it came closer to its goal of powering its facilities with 100 percent renewable energy. (It currently is at 94 percent, according to Wired).

While Apple commits itself to renewable energy, another Internet company might want to think about a green PR campaign: Amazon, which earned failing grades in the same Greenpeace report for "choosing how to power their infrastructure based solely on lowest electricity prices."