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Batman's switch can be yours, Batcave not included

Why so serious? Even Joker has his Batswitch replica.
Why so serious? Even Joker has his Batswitch replica.TVLand

A couple of years ago, CNET UK ran a delightful list of "Top 10 off switches," featuring toggles and buttons both famous and nondescript. Most all the hits were there — the flip switch, illuminated switches (both toggle and rocker), and of course, the kill switch, "The big daddy of all off switches. If you press this monster, you'd better expect everything to go dark, because this switch is all about killing all the power within a 5-mile radius."

Even Data’s deactivation switch (of "Star Trek: The Next Generation") made this list. So much more the glaring omission then of perhaps the most awesome switch of all: The Batswitch!

From 1966 to 1968, the Batswitch, located inside a faux William Shakespeare bust, hid in plain sight in the desk inside the den of stately Wayne Manor. "To the Batpoles!" Bruce Wayne/Batman announced to his teenage ward Dick Grayson/Robin, whenever the red rotary dial Batphone rang, or the glowing Batsignal  indicated Gotham was in need.

Pushing back Bill Shakespeare’s noggin, Wayne hit the Batswitch, a bookcase opened, and our two caped crusaders slid to the Batcave (somehow changing into their outfits on the way), and hopped inside the Batmobile.

"Atomic batteries to power...turbines to speed."

"Roger, ready to move out."

Long story short, the Batswitch can now be yours … sort of. For $250, you’ll receive a replica of the very bust of Shakespeare from stately Wayne Manor, which hides a switch that, according to the description, "can be plugged in to turn on any electronic device you wish!"

Will it open a passage way behind my bookshelf, where Batpoles await? Um. Probably not.

Not until I make it do that.

via The Hardware Isle

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