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Canadian Sony Ericsson store hacked

No, you're not suffering from some sort of bizarre tech news deja vu. There was yet another Sony-related security breach. This time a subdomain connected to the Canadian version of the Sony Ericsson online store got hit.

Hacker News reportsthat this latest security breach happened because of a "simple SQL injection" attack — just like the the one used to hack the Sony BMG Greece and the Sony Music Japan websites.

As with the prior attacks, information gathered from the databases accessed was published online and appears to contain the email addresses, passwords, and names of registered users. It's not entirely clear who these affected individuals are though, as the Sony Ericsson site appears to redirect any shoppers to the Sony Style's storefront instead of the hacked subdomain. We speculate that it is perhaps an old or alternate storefront.

We suspect that this security breach won't be the last one we'll see over the next few days. Various hacking communities appear to be seeing a glowing bullseye painted on every Sony-related site right now, and they're not shy about taking a few hits. 

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